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Customer Service Policy



The Wilbraham Public Library provides services and programs to educate, entertain, and enlighten its patrons.

To meet the many diverse needs of the community, the Library:

Satisfies the demand for information about contemporary issues and culture and popular recreational interests.

Fulfills the need for information on a wide range of general topics, including support for formal learning needs of students in grades K-12.

Supports the desire for lifelong learning, skill development and self-directed personal growth.

Provides the means for community members to meet and interact with each other and to participate in public discourse.

Addresses the need for skills relating to finding, evaluating and using print and non-print information effectively.

To meet the above goals the Library provides:

Responsive, qualified staff to assist library patrons,

Access to a broad selection of quality resources,

Access to current technology for persons of all ages,

A range of library programs for persons all ages,

Appropriate facilities to support services and programs.


Quality Service

In fulfilling its mission, the Wilbraham Public Library strives at all times to provide excellence in customer service. Educated and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist patrons in finding the materials and services they want and need. Staff will offer services in a fair manner that treats everyone with courtesy and respect at all times and asks for courtesy and respect in return.


Customer Service Elements

The library will offer the same quality of services to all patrons regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, educational background, physical limitations, or any other criteria that may be the source of discrimination.

Courtesy and attention to the needs of the library patron will be the key to all interactions. Patrons will be treated politely, promptly, and with helpful attention.

Staff will be flexible in meeting patronís needs. Whenever possible, judgment calls will be made in the patronís favor.

Skilled library staff will use their knowledge of library resources to fulfill requests in a timely manner or else present options, such as an interlibrary loan request or referral to Regional Reference, etc., when requests cannot be met immediately.

Library policies and procedures exist to make library resources available on an equitable basis. Staff members will be familiar with library policies, procedures, and services and able to provide an explanation to the patron or else refer the question to a supervisor or the Library Director.

The library will be a clean, safe, accessible, and reasonably quiet environment with appropriate facilities to support services.

The ultimate goal of library service is to meet patronís expectation for service while fulfilling the libraryís mission. Any comments or suggestions regarding how well these expectations are being met or how the library can improve its services are welcome.



Library staff recognize the confidentiality of library patrons. Staff will not reveal the identity of people using library materials or electronic resources to a third party nor will library staff reveal the items checked out on another patronís card.

All interactions and transactions between library patrons and the library will be considered confidential and will be discussed only in a professional context. Discussion of any confidential patron issues will be limited to non-public areas. Such matters include, but are not limited to, registration information, materials selection, loan transaction records, reference questions, and patronís record status.

Staff members will respond to information inquiries with the best factual information available. Staff will refrain from offering personal opinions in response to queries, such as for consumer, health, or legal information, etc..



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