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Transportation Booklist
(ages 6-12)
Walk Two Moons
Akiko on the Planet Smoo
Stone Fox
Bandit's Moon
Riding Freedom
The Wreckers
West Along the Wagon Road
A Journey to the New World
A Long Way from Chicago
Call it Courage
The Disappearing Bike Shop
The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon
The Voyage of the Frog
The Car
Cheyenne Rose
Jason's Gold
Down the Yukon
Honus & Me
Kavik the Wolf Dog
Little House on the Prairie
Pippi in the South Seas
A Ride on the Red Mare's Back
Tulip Sees America
The Ghost Brother


If You Like Harry Potter
(ages 8-12)

City of Light, City of Dark
Ratha’s Challenge
Into the Land of the Unicorns
The Long Patrol
Three Terrible Trins
The Realms of the Gods
The Golden Compass
The Battle for the Castle
Talking to Dragons
Pirate Adventures
(ages 9-13)
Captain Grey
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Peter and the Starcatchers
The Angel’s Command
The Smugglers
The Pirate’s Son
Bloody Jack
Treasure Island
Authors' Sites
Jan Brett's Home Page
Harry Potter
R.L. Stine


J u s t   G o o d   R e a d s

Art In Picture Books
(ages 3-8)

The Art Lesson
Almost Famous Daisy!
Pink Paper Swans
Harold and the Purple Crayon
A Blue Butterfly: A Story About Claude Monet
Matthew’s Dream
The Picture That Mom Drew
I Spy: An Alphabet In Art
Regina’s Big Mistake
Mouse Paint



Tickle Your Funny Bone!
(ages 3-8)

Math and Literature
(ages 5-8)


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