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Books Every Baby Should Know

Ahlberg, Janet. Peek-a-Boo
Barrett, Mary Brigid. Leaf Baby
Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight, Moon
Cartwright, Stephen. Find the Duck
Cousins, Lucy. Pet Animals
Fox, Mem. Time For Bed
Fujikawa, Gyd. Babies
Harris, Trudy. Up Bear, Down Bear
Hill, Eric. Good Night, Spot
Hoban, Tana. Black on White
Kunhardt, Dorothy. Pat the Bunny

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Babybug, the magazine
Baby Einstein videos

Levine, Pamela. One Sleepy Baby
Meyers, Susan. Everywhere Babies
Miller, Margaret. Baby Faces
O’Garden, Irene. Maybe My Baby
Opie, Iona. Humpty Dumpty and Other Rhymes
Ormerod, Jan. Peek-A-Boo!
Oxenbury, Helen. Clap Hands
Parr, Todd. Black and White
Tafuri, Nancy. I Love You, Little One
Thompson, Carol. Bedtime Rhymes
Wells, Rosemary. Max’s First Word


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