Featuring the letter B

Hello Friends,
Miss Lisa here. I hope you are all well.
Today we will celebrate the letter B. I have a list of things for you
to find around your house that begin with B. It would be
fun to bring your adult with you.
Good luck! I know you can do this.

1. ball
2. button
3. bag
4. something BIG
5. B food item(banana, berry, bread, butter,bagel)
6. bird
7. bucket
8. book
9. broom
10. Now, draw or paint me either a butterfly or a

Remember to save your pictures.
Listen and read along with ABC Letters, by Bonnie Farmer,
on Tumble Books. Go to the www.wilbrahamlibrary.org,
ebooks and media, Tumble Books Library, Storybooks,
Alphabet and Reading.

Good job everyone!
See you tomorrow


Featuring the letter C

Welcome back friends!
It's time for fun with letters.
Today, I would like you to find a list of things beginning with the
letter C. Look around your house and see if you can find
the items below. If there are other kids in the house, you
could do this hunt together.
You've got this! Have fun.

1. can
2. cap
3. a C food item (cake,corn,carrot,cucumber,celery,candy)
4. card
5. clock
6. something that crawls
7. cloud
8. comb
9. coin
10. Now, draw or paint me a picture of a castle or a circus.

Remember to save your artwork. Well done friends!
Have you "checked out" Britannica Fundamentals on our
website? Go to www.wilbrahamlibrary.org, Research &
Learning, Gale Databases, Britannica Fundamentals!, and
read Animals a Britannica Discovery library book. 


Featuring the letter D

Greetings Story Time friends and new friends too! Miss
Lisa here. Who "digs" the letter D, I do! We're going to
look around your house today for things that begin with
the letter D. Don't delay. Here's your list:

1. dog (real, a toy, or a picture)
2. dirt (or something dirty if you're adult says, "NO WAY!")
3. dish
4. dryer (clothes, hair, dish towel)
5. dust
6. dime/dollar
7. desk
8. something shaped like a: disc, disk, diamond, dot
9. food item (doughnut, dill pickle, dried fruit)
10. Now, draw or paint a picture of a donkey or a dump

Remember to save those pictures! Turn them in when the
library re-opens for a prize.

Bonus: Read along with the story about the dog, Bailey,
by Harry Bliss on Tumblebooks. Go to our website
www.wilbrahamlibrary.org, ebooks & media, Tumblebooks
Library, story books, new books, Bailey. 


Hello all of my Story Time friends and new friends too!
It's Miss Lisa (aka Mrs. Nicholson) from Story Time.
Because we can't be together right now, I thought that we could play a game.
Each day, starting Friday, I will ask you to go on a scavenger hunt for things around your house.
See if you can find them. I will ask you to draw something for me too.
When the library is open again, bring me your drawings and I will have a little prize for you.
Share this with a friend. They may enjoy playing the game too.

I miss all of you and I can't wait to see how you did with our At Home Alphabet Scavenger Hunt!


Featuring the letter A!

Hi Friends! It's Miss Lisa here.

Today our game is all about the letter A. I have a list of things for you to find around you house that start with the letter A.
Show your adult when you find them.
Good luck!
1. food item that starts with A: apple, avocado, almond, apricot, asparagus...
2. animal-real or stuffed
3. apron
4. automobile-toy or real
5. adult
6. art
7. acorn-only if your adult goes outside with you
8. alarm clock
9. aluminum foil
10. Now, draw or paint a picture of an alligator.

 Remember to save your pictures.
 Congratulations and job well done!