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About The Archives

The purpose of the Wilbraham Archives project is to unite the collections from a variety of organizations that share common goal of promoting and preserving the community's local history for future generations.  The Wilbraham Archives project has evolved from a 'special part of the library's collection' located within the Wilbraham Public Library to a searchable database which represents the collections of ten organizations located throughout Wilbraham and Hampden. 

 The Wilbraham Public Library preserves and provides access to the history of Wilbraham and the Pioneer Valley and envisions that all patrons interested in local history will have access to appropriate materials resulting in better knowledge of the community.  The historical materials included in the Wilbraham Collection are part of the community’s collective heritage, holding permanent value.  It is the responsibility of the library to preserve these resources for current research and future generations.  In 2003, the library began working with nine local organizations in on a Documentary Heritage Grant Project, "Wilbraham & Hampden:  A Shared History".  Next, in 2005, the collaborative group embarked on another Documentary Heritage Grant project, "Wilbraham & Hampden:  A Virtual History". 

Participating Organizations
The following organizations have participated in the Wilbraham Archives project.  The result of sharing their collections is greater access to the community's unique historical records and artifacts that represent our rich historical past.  Success of this project is due to their commitment, time, and expertise. 
Some organizations may have limited hours or services.

Wilbraham Public Library
The purpose of the Wilbraham Collection is to collect and preserve materials that document the history of the Town of Wilbraham and its citizens, including the former South Parish (present-day Hampden) prior to 1878.  Other geographical areas are included only if they add information relevant to Wilbraham history.  The library primarily collects paper-based primary and secondary resources such as books, pamphlets, official reports, maps, works of local authors, photographs and unpublished diaries and manuscripts.

The collection is located on the top floor of the library in the Cutler Room, accessible by elevator or staircase.  Because of the unique nature and delicate condition of many items, the collection is kept inside a locked storage case.  Patrons wishing to use the collection must first speak to the Reference Librarian on duty who will unlock the case and provide a brief overview of the collection if needed.  Detailed research assistance is not available.

Address:    Wilbraham Public Library
                 25 Crane Park Drive
                 Wilbraham, MA 01095
Telephone:  413-596-6141


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