Wilbraham Public Library

Policy and Guidelines for the Exhibition of Art


One aspect of the mission of the Wilbraham Public Library is to provide cultural activities for the community. Hosting art exhibits in the Brooks Room is one way that the library addresses that need. It should be noted that the Wilbraham Public Library is a public building which serves a large number of families. Therefore, art work must be deemed appropriate for display in such a setting. The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to remove individual work that it considers inappropriate.


The Brooks Room may be reserved for an exhibit by contacting the Adult Services Librarian, with exhibits on display for no longer than one month, with the hanging and the dismantling of the exhibit scheduled to occur within the month.


Artists may schedule only one exhibit per year, with the exception being an art teacher who may schedule an individual exhibit as well as an exhibit of student work.


Receptions are allowed and can also be scheduled through the Adult Services Librarian. No alcohol can be served. Artists are responsible for planning such receptions and for any cleanup involved.


It is the responsibility of the artist to hang and take down the exhibit. All artwork must be hung on the metal hangers provided by the library. Title cards with pricing information may be attached to the wall with masking tape or “Fun-Tack” only – no nails or pushpins or other device that would put a hole in the wall are allowed. Pieces “Not for Sale” or “Price Upon Request” should be marked accordingly.


Free standing pieces, such as sculpture, may only be exhibited in one of the lobby display cases, which must be reserved separately through the Adult Services Librarian.


Artists are responsible for providing a Title and Price List to the Adult Services Librarian with contact information so that interested parties may be put in touch with the artist directly.


Although the library will certainly include information about the exhibits in its own publications, it is the responsibility of the artist to send any press releases to the newspapers, to mail out special announcements of the exhibit, or to provide the library with flyers.


The library accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to artwork. Artists will be asked to sign release forms to that effect that will be kept on file.


The artist will pay a commission of 15% for works sold as a result of the showing at the Wilbraham Public Library. There will be no fee for hanging work. Sales are strictly between the artist and the patron. Commissions may be sent to the Wilbraham Friends of the Library c/o Wilbraham Public Library, 25 Crane Park Drive, Wilbraham, MA 01095.